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Hiking on the fringes of the Harz mountains can also be fun – that’s what we learned the last time we walked from Vienenburg to the cloister Wöltingerode. Stages like the Harly tower and the Herbal-August-Cave were still kept in good memory. Last Sunday we were up to broaden our knowledge about the “Harzer Klosterwanderweg”. Once again we start our tour in Vienenburg. While two weeks ago we had to walk on a snow layer (which was nice though), we now enjoy bright sunshine and springlike temperatures.

The first stage lead us once again to Wöltingerode. We do not focus on the distilery this time but on the fallow deers. From Wöltingerode we walk via Immenrode to Grauhof. There we admire the minster St. Georg. Via the districts “Jürgenohl” and “Georgenberg” we finally reach the city centre of Goslar. From there we take the train back to Brunswieck.

Old bull

When we reach the station the Vienenburger lake lies beamingly in front of us with its smooth surface. Some dozy ducks are suntanning on a rack. Just five minutes away from cloister Wöltingerode we enjoy our breakfast on a hill. The winter sun is already powerful and warms up our faces and limbs. We stroll around the compound and get stuck at the deer-park. Unfortunately, I deleted my pictures taken last time. This time I have my sights on the fallow deers and his “mates”. Worse luck! The creatures are not acting the way I want them to. However we are lucky: strollers with chestnuts in their hands are approaching the place. Instantly, I have the animals in front of my camera! Especially the male fallow-deer plays to the gallery. After the photo session we are searching for the path to cloister Grauhof. Once again we are lucky. We meet a nice lady who knows the Klosterwanderweg first hand. Via forest paths and meadows we walk to Immenrode. From there Grauhof is only a stone’s throw away.

Lamas at Graufhof

Much to our surprise we see Lamas advers to cloister Grauhof. A couple next to us already enjoys itself watching the cute animals. the minster St. Georg is definitely the highlight of Grauhof. The baroque church was built over ten years, from 1701-1711. The Treutmann-organ was made in 1737. Its size itself is simply impressive. Especially its sound, we learn, made the organ popular beyond Grauhof. Once again we are thrilled by the sights to be discovered in our neighbourhood.

Waiting for the next adventure

On our way to Goslar we stop at the cloister’s cemetery, which is unfortunately a little bit decayed. It was with amazement that I learned afterwards that the cemetery is under site preservation sind 1966. Well, that is not obvious at all. Old forest oakes dominate the former estate’s private forest. Numerous bird species have a wonderful nesting site within the trees.

We walk through the districts of “Jürgenohl” and “Georgenberg” towards the station of Goslar. Enjoying some good coffee we finish this wonderful tour and indulge into the springlike weather. By the way we are already planning the next stage: From Ilsenburg to Vienenburg. Of course, once again on the cloister path.

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