Christina/ December 17, 2018/ Categories, Ideas of philosophy

Even winter time has its own magic, that much I know since yesterday. How winter trekking at the Grane barrier lake and hot spiced wine in the winter forest could change my own little world – read it now.

We catch the best sunday weather in this year: it is cold, it is dry and it is supposed to snow! We start our trip to our own “winter wonderland” at the at the foot of the Steinberg and hike along the Harzer Försterstieg at first. The beginning ist very steep until we reach the Steinberg-loop road. We follow this powdered sugar white trail until we reach the descent to the Steinberg-Alm. We stop there for some hot drinks in order to prepare us for the Grane barrier lake. We enjoy the Christmassy mood at the Alm, dreaming of holidays we want to do next year and make plans for the upcoming Christmas days. I realize that I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. I AM looking forward to Christmas – that’s almost like the eleventh wonder of the world. Me, who used to escape from Christmal glow, End of year fire works and cold IS LOOKING forward to CHRISTMAS?! What a change. How come?

The secret of true love

This Christmas is gonna be special to me with a very special person whom I finally met after all those years of waiting. Even if it’s sounds cheesy and you might already wonder whether to keep on reading, just do it – it’s Christmas time and everybody loves modern love stories somehow. A friend of mine told me almost twenty years ago that there’s a special person for everyone in the world. But not everybody is lucky enough to meet that person. And I made it after all those years and I can still hardly believe it how beautiful it is. I could not image before how beautiful it would be, but I know now. Just like in a fairy-tale.

It is dark in the forest

Before it got even more magical deep in the wonderful and romantic winter forest of Goslar we had to survive an adventure first. On our way back from the Granetal barrier lake we wanted to take once more the Harzer Försterstieg to the imperial palace in the old part of the town. Well, due to overturned trees, alledgedly remains of the January storm “Friedericke”. At first we had the impression it were only a few but then it turned out that the trail was not traversable at all. However, we could not find our way back as suddenly everything looked the same, moreover it was almost sunset and we were running out of time quickly. Whereas I was petrified my boyfriend stayed calm and acted very heroic and thoughtfully. He finally saved me. A very deep and memorable experience for me.

Romance in the winter forest

Walking in the twilight we made our way back to the old part of Goslar and recovered with hot spiced wine within the winter forest of Goslar and left all the hassle behinde. A wonderful, magically day I will definitely not forget.