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It need not always be Spain that is how my story could start. Or: It is not a matter of where you are but with whom you are on the spot. Both is correct. This summer promises to be magic. Not only because the enduring fantastic weather brought a South European flair to Germany. No, it is because I was lucky to enjoy some really nice weekends with sympathetic guys so far. It feels like a day out of time, like a day at the sea.

And this time we are truly at the seaside, I mean almost, we are at the “Steinhuder Meer”. That is the biggest inland lake of North-West Germany, with a size of 30 km2 and a maximum depth of 2.5 metres. And it is not only the lake that thrills us, it is the overall picture: the nature reserve itself, the magnificent views, wonderful little piers at the marinas, frame houses and a café in the middle of the moor with a victualler in good humour.

We start our tour at the railway station of Wunstorf. Die question, whether to take the route over Bokeloh to Steinhude or better the direct path, did not pay for our token man of the day, the laughter was on him. After receiving directions of locals we decided to take the path through the forest. It seemed to be a good choice in the face of the hot weather that day.

Arriving in Steinhude we took the classical bicycle and hiking track layout getting around the lake: Steinhude – Mardorf – Winzlar – Hagenburg – Steinhude. As our time budget was already affected due to the disorientation in the beginning we only took short breaks along the way. However it was still enough time for visiting a look-out and a pier close to a small marina. The seafront at the “White Dune” was too packed too settle in. Therefore we moved on to Hagenburg. A good decision, as we found out pretty soon: qualm, pleasantly laid-back, in a wonderful surrounding on a hearty plank terrace with rustic benches you’ll find the Moorgarden Café.

The place not only impresses by its lovely location at a romantic overgrown lily pond but also by its entertaining victualler with Nordic humour. Next to coffee and cake they serve ice-cream and for the hearty taste they have currywurst and fish sandwiches.

After a relaxing break we cycle along the Hagenburg canal (probably this is one of the most beautiful route sections) back to Steinhude. From there we bike back to Wunstorf, our starting point. At Wunstorf we purchase some cold drinks at a nice doner kebab place with outside-seatings, demonstrating a loving attention to detail. Together with the ladies enjoying a country-specific tea and verspertine gossip an atmosphere like on the Istanbul Istiklal Caddesi is created.

Satified, relaxed and happy about this wonderful day we start our trip home.

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