Christina/ November 30, 2012/ Culture

During a culturally motivated hiking trip different things can be discovered. Things you did not necessariy have in mind from the start. It is worth to keep your eyes peeled offside the beaten tracks. Next to unintended encounters with bizarre items, such as shocking chess games or knicknacks, I retraced Lawrence Durrell’s footsteps, the author of “Bitter Lemons” and additionally Public-Relations-Chief of the British island administrations and who leaves Cypress when his idyll turns into a witches’ cauldron when assassinations and “mopping-up operations” took place.

I get to know how bitter olives are turned into delicious olive oil and am faced with “ghost towns”, i.e. hidden abandoned buildings, the so called disadvantages of a booming or longed for rush of tourists.

North Cyprus has so much more to offer than mere sun, beaches and the sea. Take your chance to discover new things whereever you are!

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