Christina/ October 15, 2012/ Culture

Entitled “The paper-shuffler under my blanket” the Turkish cultural association Gökkuşağı Kulturverein presented a reading withwriter Ergün Tepecik.

In cooperation with his wife Ebrun, who also appears in Tepeciks stage plays, the author recited four excerpts from this short stories. These short stories are basically about satiric prepared interactions between Turkish migrants and German bureaucrats who’s behaviour in its unlogical consequence – admittedly – might be unvoluntarily ridiculous.

Even though the description of bizarre situations might be absolutely traceable, the evening kind of fell into folkloristic representation and reminded my partly on the Hamburg based Ohnsorg-Theater. Maybe this impression was due to the fact that the texts were read in Turkish language first and then translated into German. Therefore the time period between the Original and the translation was maybe too long so that the spark could not get ignited. Or maybe it was due to the fact that the stories all in all resembled each other too much and did not leave room for any variety.

The evening was rounded off by some Turkish goodies.

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