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Evet, Turkish for “yes”, I do! A sentence that allededly every woman wants to say (at least) once in her life. Or is it rather that men want to hear that sentence at least once in THEIR life? Anyway, the Türkish Sinan Akkus, aka Sinan Turculu, THE Turkish guy from the TV-series Stromberg made a very nice debut-feature with its German-Turkish comedy.

Firstly, it does without the common clichés respectively translate them into ludicrous situations that screwballs the meaning of them. After some back and forth and sentences like “today I am muslem as far as I can see” everything turns out to be fine in the end. The storyline: A German-Turkish girl marries her Kurdish boy-friend. A German-Turkish student marries her German friend after he has converted into a muslem and has even pruned himself. “Only 82 Euros for the Brith? That’s cheap”, commented the Turkish parents.

[youtube 1aVVgm0m2lU&hl]

Also Emrah, the gay Turk of the movie, manages to escape the arranged marriage. While aking a lady to marry him, he has his cominng out at the same time. Not knowing that the unloved Nursel (the bride’ s name) is already pregnant – from the “black” Charlie!

The film brims over by slapstick and tragical moments which result into a happy ending. This is my recommendation: absolutely worth seeing!

One taunt is left: The film was displayed in the scope of queer cinema. Well, there is a gay Turk. But: It takes more than a swallow to make a summer and one Turkish gay does not make a pink film, right? It is just irritating to me as the film does not advocate more tolerance towards gay or lesbians but towards “alien” cultures – and that is not quite the same, is it?

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