Christina/ October 13, 2020/ Culture

Always expect the unexpected also within the Saxon Switzerland. Upon a verspertine walk around Pirna I learn about the Saxon wine route and the corresponding hiking trail. Wine-hiking in the smallest growing area of Germany that sounds tempting.
That’s why I am using my day off to try the first stage of the path. It starts at Pirna and leads via Graupa to Pillnitz.

„It would be easier with a map“
The access to the hiking trail is easy to find. It is signposted by a red grapevine. I have already walked a bit of the path on my first day, the so called Burglehnpfad. Until the Ehrenhain everything is perfect but than? The signposting is missing. I cross the street and talk to an elderly man: „To Graupa? No that is totally wrong here“ he answers monosyllabically. He point with his hand into another direction. Hm, this is where I came from. I continue on the street and address to another man with a lawn mover. He confirms the previous statement. „Don’t you have a map? It would be easier with a map!“ You name, I think to myself, but I don’t have one. Finally he tells me how to reach Graupa by walking on the public street. Well, there is not much traffic and I don’t feel like wasting more time.

After approx. 3 km I reach Pirna-Copitz once again but a different part of it: the gliding airport. Once again I approach a guy, however younger this time. It is only another two kilometres to Graupa – here we go.

„For delight and happiness live alone!“
At Graupa I ask for the Richard-Wagner-site. A little bit of culture is desired and since I am already here … At first I reach the Kultur-Pfad, which explains Wagner’s musical producing at different panels.

At the end of the path I reach the hunting lodge displaying the Richard-Wagner-exhibition. Unfortunately there is no time for it today that’s why I move on to the Lohengrinhaus. To me the building is quite unspectacular but I discover something else instead: the red grapevine and thus the further course of the vine hiking trail. I walk across-country via Oberpoyritz to the Weinstraße. There I hit the Leithenweg, a wonderful vine nature trail with a spectacular view onto the vineyards, Pillnitz, until Dresden.

Drunken by the beauty
Totally druggy by this great natural setting I reach Pillnitz. I take a look at the palace garden. I don’t visit the palace itself because I still have something on my list. I take the bus back to Pirna and from there I take the urban railway to Kurort Rathen. There I decide spontaneously to visit the Bastei. I get a flyer with the panoramic walking trail from the tourist office. The hike is supposed to take 2,5 hours. Hm it is already three o’clock and I still have to take the ferry boat to the other side. Well I guess I can still make it. But, the ferry boat is still on the other side and has a late arrival. I become a little bit nervous, however fifteen minutes later we can start.

Through the Schwedenlöcher
The walking trail leads from Kurort Rathen tot he Amselsee, than through the Schwedenlöcher (about 850 steps!) up to the Bastei. Across the Bastei bridge I reach the Felsenburg Neurathen and return via the Rosenbettfels back tot he Kurort. The walk is really, really nice. The view from the Bastei alone is magnificent. Sure, the hike is really touristic and a lot of people are using it but I am very happy that I took the effort no matter what. It is absolutely worth it.
After 1,5 hours I am back on the ferry boat. This time everything works out fine. I take once again the urbain railway to Pirna and be back at the hotel at supper-time.