Christina/ January 6, 2020/ Culture

Did you ever think about spending New Year’s Eve in Palma de Mallorca? No? You should because it special. It is not so crowded at this time, it’s calm, it’s sunny. Especially on December 31st it is worth to visit the capital of the island. Why? On the one hand, because it is the Fest d’Estandard, that is the day the former king freed the island from the Moors. It is celebrated with a procession. Other than that you can enjoy warm temperatures just sitting in the sun at the harbour or climb up to Castell de Bellver which is really, really nice and offers the best view over the city you can possibly get.

It was my second time as well in Palma as on Mallorca. My first time, something like 15 years ago, was a rocky start. I caught bad weather and could not cycle as I planned. For that reason and all the signs in German and the German food I did not like it too much. So, this was Mallorca’s second chance for me and it worked. This time I got right with the island, its inhabitants, its nature, its hiking-trails and its delicious food.

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