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This is the tale of one who travelled or more precisely, of one who became a tramp. Let’s call him H. from G. H. decides to hike from Stieglitzeck to Hanskühnenburg companied by three women and one guy on a sunny but cold day (ascidentally on October 31st, 2019). From time to time H. acts like he wants to be kicked by somebody. I.e. he acts towards the ladies in such a provocative and slaphappy way that he is running the risk of being thrown over the cliff.

Better keep your powder dry!

„Stop the monkey business!“ one is about to say. Due to popular belief the itching of a body part is the omen of a incident. That’s why people believe that an itching hand means money and an itching nose means a slap in the face. So, how about H.?

We take the path called „auf dem Acker“ which passes by the Hanskühnenburgklippe (cliff). And suddenly H. seems to run out of luck. Once again he tries to provoke his fellow campaigners and thus dices with his death. When he finally recognizes the „tumbstone“ with the gibbet on it he suddenly feels giddy. He is sheepish by now. We already suspect that H. is just flirting with his faith. And well, we want to keep him, just because of his entertainment value. Just as the saying goes: „The truth about women is that you can do almost anything to them besides to bore them.“

The magic of the moment

The five of us finally to stop at the Hanskühnenburgbaude for a bite to eat. The landlord is friendly, oblinging and jocular as always. After some refreshment we enjoy the magnificient view from the tower of the mountain hut which is especially fascinating today because of the clear weather.

Good humoured we start back for home via the tarmac(ced) road „Ackerweg“. Even though the path is quite boring we enjoy each others company. Altogether a day to remember and a dignified farewell to this warm and sunny October.

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