Christina/ April 7, 2012/ Culture

Good Friday, fucking cold, fog, what to do? Hiking in the Harz mountains! It is my third try to climb the Hanskühnenburg in the South Harz Mountains. Two times I failed due to bad weather. This time luck is on my side, even though it is only 3 degrees celsius outside.

Together with a friend, who is familiar with the place, we reach the parking lot and starting point “Stieglitzeck”. 7,5 km (one way) are ahead of us until we will reach the top of the castle (called Hanskühnenburg) respectively the woodland restaurant, where a solid pea soup waits for us and will revive us. We choose the so called “Ackerstraße” for our way up. After some time it gets wet under our feet , we have reached the moor. We meet a family with Nordic-Walking-sticks, fighting with the splashing dampness. Why? I guess that modern washing machines can clean any dirty trouser these days? We are not worried about that at all. At a crossing we meet a group of mountainbikers. The guys from Clausthal-Zellerfeld are cursing their way to the castle, the last piece of the way up is quite steep and slippery. We meet them again on top of the hill inside the cosy woodland restaurant, enjoying the legendary pea soup, bread with lard and some Jagertee.

Even if the panoramic view from the look-out fell literally through, we experienced a wonderful hiking trip. I sure it was not my last visit to the Hanskühnenburg!

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