Christina/ December 27, 2019/ Culture, Ideas of philosophy

Tom Ford directed an absolute masterpiece of art – in case you are open to its message: “Don’t throw people away. We live in a culture where we throw everything away. If you have someone important, someone you love, don’t throw them away, don’t let them go. Make choices very carefully in your life.” We are talking about his second movie her: Nocturnal animals.

The film is a revenge story. It is about Susan and Edward and the story is told from Susan’s perspective. She used to be married to Edward once – 20 years ago at the beginning the movie. She separated from him for somebody else and a secure and rich life, just as her mother predicted it to her once. And that is the key scene of the film, to me: We all eventually turn into our mothers. A sentence like a shock, both to Susan and to the spectators as well.

And the sentence, better to say the prediction, really works within the film. Does it also hold true outside cinemas? I mean in real life in our all real lives? Is that our destiny, something we cannot escape from? I guess that is up to us, we just have to realize the effecct of this dogma. We can change this fate in our adolescence if we want to and in case we are aware of this doctrine hanging above our lives.

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