Christina/ April 22, 2010/ Culture

Last Saturday it was story hour again. On whom or what? The American movie or better to say the American world view. What it is all about? It is about the film “Hidalgo – 3000 miles towards glory”.
Well, it could have been a nice film. The story, the film takes place end of 19th century, offered at least the chance to show a realistic picture of the past Arabic World. But, unfortunately the American producers prefer to meet established stereotypes such as nasty Arabic rulers and “women-being-degraded-as-an-accessory-of-their-fathers”.
It seems to be likely that any divergent presentation might have refrained Americans from going to the movies. Just remember the demonstration of the “mean German nazi” in Indiana Jones adaptations.
Finally that makes us wondering who might still believe in the salutary world power after the disasters of the American army and politics in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?

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