Christina/ December 23, 2019/ Culture

The StarWars success story might come to an end. The screenwriters itself say so. Episode 9 might the last master piece of the series. It is the completion of a fairy tale that is taking place in the Galaxy and basically happens between two families: the Palpatines and the Skywalkers, if you want to put it this way.

I started to become a fan of StarWars with 9 years. It was one of the first movies I’ve seen on a big screen in a cinema. And it was a spectacular event to me. I still remember how Darth Vader scared me with his frightening looks and his breath control. Well, this effect does not work on me no more. Still, 3-D movies made its appearance in the meantime and a new story line starting with Episode 7 made the whole thing interesting again. Honestly, I could not handle Episode I to III. I did not like the plot, I did not like the actors and too much fighting as far as I am concerned.

Episode IX started mid December in Germany. I saw the movie on December 22nd. I liked it but it is not as exciting to me as the other Episodes (IV-VI, VII and VIII) were. Still, it is a well-balanced story that answers all the open question from the other Episodes. However, I am not too sad that it is ending by now. It gives way for something new to come. Another generation?

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