Christina/ September 21, 2014/ Culture

Well, actually the whole thing started earlier, namely with the trip of the Selke Valley Train from Gernrode to the Mägdesprung. From the station at Mägdesprung we walked downhill to the Selke Valley. At the beginning we passed the three ancient Hammerfactories and also the first stamp-collecting stations. Collecting stamps was especially exiting this time as the tour held the possibility of reaping seven of them at a time!

Before we reached the Valley and streaked through meadows and forests the mountain river Selke accompanied us. Next to the Selke mill the Valley opens up widely and we walked through a beautiful valley until we accessed castle Falkenstein. One the way we quickly visited the ruins of castle Anhalt Burgruine Anhaltand overcame an altitude difference of 300 meters. After more than three hours with sunshine we reached castle Falkenstein.

Falkenstein is the only castle in the Harz Mountain that has not been destroyed. The building does not only impress by its hight and beauty but also by its half-hour bird-of-prey show as you can see from the pictures underneath.

At this point is a desription of our hiking trip.

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