Christina/ November 3, 2009/ Culture

We are used to oddities from the Gulf States – not the other way round. An article from the political magazine Spiegel online about wealth in the Gulf States made me google. The so called “Saudi Rich List” of the magazine “Arabian Business” made me curious and some fortune hunters may pay some extra attention right now.

Let us take a look into the Forbes List of the richest people of the world and we might come to the conclusion that the list does not keep its promise. Names like “Gates, Buffet and Slim” are on top of the list. Is that news?
Far wrong, because the real news is this one: Begging letters to rich Arabs! There are letters like the one from a Manchester City Fans who asks for money for his club. Another example is the begging letter of two Indians who made a film and now aim to make it known.
How can such dreams can come true? Just follow this directions: Send your Dream and, insh’Allah, your dream will become a reality: Unfortunately the site’s operator forgot to – an imprint. I would have loved to ask him how many dreams did come true by now.

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