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Maybe this sounds familiar to you: You are travelling and feel like having a waterpipe? What can you do about it? Where can you find the next Shisha-café? And which one is the best? Last time I had that feeling I was visiting Hamburg. Fortunately mobiles can surf the internet by now so that online-surch is no problem anymore. Which search-time might be the best? Shisha-Bar, Shisha-Lounge or Shisha-Cafe?

Anyway, we were lucky that day: Wandsbeker Chaussee 305. By chance. Initially we were meant to go to another Shisha-Lounge which is on the same street. As Shisha-Wandsbek is located directly at the underground station “Wandsbeker Chaussee” and we could already smell the nice tabacco we tried this place.

The price-performance-ratio at Shisha Wandsbek is very good: 5,00 € for a normal pipe is reasonable. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is nice. The water pipe we ordered with the tabacco “Orient-special” tasted very good, was not smoky at all and smouldered very long. There is decent Arabic music in the background, the mainly male audience is reluctant and does not stare at blond women.

Everyone who likes to get information on waterpipe cafes in one’s city can take a look onto this homepage: . It is good for getting an overview. It claims to have more than 500 entries is therefore the biggest database in Germany. However the member’s comments are a little bit too short sometimes (“very cool place”, “did not like it”), in order to get a good impression.

Also tested:

  • Shisha-Lounge, Brunswick
  • The Shisha-Lounge in Brunswick offers a very good waterpipe at a reasonable price. The staff is friendly, attentive and competent. However, the cafe is rather soberly arranged. Loud music is another disturbing aspect. Moreover there are no alcoholic drings available.

  • Dede’s Nargile, Brunswick
  • Dede’s Nargile (Nargile is the Arabic word for waterpipe) belongs to the first Shisha-Café in Brunswick. Two years ago I tested their Shisha. I did not like it so much as the Nargile at the Shisha-Lounge Brunswick. The café is a Turkish restaurant and kiosque at the same time. Moreover it is possible to buy tabacco and accessories. But pay attention: As far as I am concerned the tabacco seems to be to expensive for me!

  • Brasserie La Medina, Stuttgart
  • The Brasserie La Medina at the Marienplatz in Stuttgart is my favourite! Great atmosphere, great waterpipe (it smoulders for more than two hours), great staff and nice Arabic food – just recommendable.

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