Christina/ September 8, 2009/ Culture

The fifth Arab Human Development Report of the United Nations was published. After an absence of almost four years the fith report in the series was released under the title “Challenges for human security in Arabic Countries”.

A brief and informative summary of the reports from 2002, 2003 and 2004 have been written by Dr. Wolfgang G. Schmitz which has been published by the magazine “International politics” in June 2006.

The Arab Human Development Reports are no periodic inventory by the United Nations but reports by independent Arabic intellectuals who express their opion upon the State of the Union. The analysis deals basically with the following topics:

  1. population pressure
  2. demographical pressure
  3. watershortage
  4. contaminated ground water systems
  5. desertification
  6. water pollution
  7. air pollution
  8. climate change
  9. global warming

A presentation of the details will follow within the next days and weeks. Occassionally I offer the Arab Human Development Reports for Download in English.


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