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Here are the results of the study “Arab Media Outlook 2008-20012”. You’ll find the long version of the results in a PDF-version for download.

Recommendations for Arab Media:

  • Development of strategies for the production and distribution of web based and mobile content
  • Processing of archive material for sales on mobile devices
  • Development of “Snack-TV”-content for sales on mobile devices
  • Development of state-of-the-art web services with interactive elements, RSS-Feeds, Videos etc.
  • Strengthening of online-profiles for outstanding journalists by own audio and video podcasts
  • Co-operation with telecommunication enterprises
  • Initiation of surveyed average viewing figures measurement

Recommendations for network suppliers

  • Expansion of broad band connectivity and its quality
  • Increase of connection of the region to a world-wide internet network
  • Errection of micro payment plattforms for payment of digital contents

Recommendations for governments and authorities

  • Active observation of international developments within content production and sales
  • Allocation of control equipment which is necessary to advance investments in broad band connectivity
  • Licensing of mobile TV-network
  • Leading discussion with the private sector with regard to a digital dividend
  • Development of practical training programmes for Arabic media professionals on all levels.

You can read the complete summary here (PDF, 20 Seiten, 84 KB): Summary_2008-2012

The original report by PriceWaterhouseCoopers can be found here: Study.

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