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The political approach of the lybian head of state, Muammar al-Ghaddafi, might be debatable. However, its creativity is not. As German newspapers reported lately Ghaddafi is about to construct his own car on the occassion of this 40th anniversary of coming into power.

In the face of the expired car scrappage scheme there might be envy. Oil in place and especially the revenues from them is the magic word for freedom and the permit for extraordinary inventions.

But who is Ghaddafi anyway, the guy who lives frequently for half a year in a traditional beduin tent in the lybian desert? More precise in Sirte, the region where highly controversial ruler comes from. The public cannot decide between Enfant terrible and boaster yet. However it is fact that Ghaddafi like almost no other politican has been remaining in power for more than 40 years. Only the Cuban “máximo líder” Fidel Castro has two years more. Let’s recall: For a long time having contact with Muammar was a “no go” in the Western world. Especially after the Lockerbie-attack Ghaddafi was moved to political isolation. But he has an ace up his sleeve: Black African refugees trying to reach the European borders. In the face of these problems European politicans tend to instantly forget about his sins of the past and talk about rehabilitation. He even made it to the UN-security council. Well, that’s what I call an impressive career.

To summarize it: Ghaddafi might be known all over the place and unconvenient. Still: He remaind true to itself during the past 40 years and contrary to his buddies Saddam Hussein and Yassir Arafat he is still alive (well that was in 2009! History has its own rules as we learned).

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