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Honi soit qui mal y pense? Cute bees, awesome nights; study with communications and dame with comfortable alleyway? Well admittedly these three entitlements enforce dubious thoughts though. This is about a so called ZeitRaum, the Dreiseithof at Bodenstedt. The farmyard, now serving as a museum provides insights into housing conditions at different times.

It is a two-story house: On the ground floor are the living spaces equipped with furniture from the nineteen-thirties. The rooms on the first floor give impressions on the colonial era-style as well as from World War II and beyond. Furnishings and equipment, timetables and archive tapes transfer visitors to past times and give a superb idea on the changeful history of the farmstead.

Watch out for the Aeppel und Erdaeppel-party

After the tour a visit to the farm café with home-backed cake and good coffee is worthwhile. However it is not recommended to do so prior to the „Aeppel und Erdaeppel-Fest“. At this time the owner of the café is very busy and not even willing to turn on the coffee machine. Additionally, the cake selection is limited due to the preparations as well.

Sundowner at the marina

On the way back from Bodenstedt to Brunswieck it pays off to stop at the marina in Wedtlenstedt, more precisely at the restaurant and café „Am Yachthafen”. Upon nice weather the terrace by the marina is a special place for a good glass of red wine and some good food, such as chanterelles.

Cute Bees and marriage rules

Well, what are these „cute bees“ all about then? It is a sticker on the backside of an old wardrobe in one of the rooms. Whoever dreamed of cute bees by day and hoped for awesome nights at night, we do not know. Maybe that is equally mysterious as the marriage rules displayed in the room of house- and family history. They say that as a wife you have to learn at first what is your husband’s favourite meal and then spent your time improving yourself on the preparation until you reach mastery stage on it.

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