Christina/ August 5, 2009/ Culture

Customer magazines that’s what I got to know lately are “in fashion. They are even that popular that they are sold at kiosks and have lapped popular and specialized magazines. Customer magazines come up with professional and product information for the reader. With the help of this background information I was looking forward to the full-bodied announced project description out of Arabian nights. A big regional energy enterprise offered this in his customer magazine to me. Only to be gutted in the end.

The report was rather short and full of stereotypes (“countless all-terrain vehicles and luxury cars are en route – really?”) and nothing new was said either about Oman or the project itself. Very sad in my eyes. Unfortunately they missed the opportunity to present a rather unknown and deep inside into an opened-minded country like Oman. A country by the way where several German-Oman project exist (especially in the field of education).

The open question is whether the insufficient content of the article is comparable to the alleged low fares of the energy enterprise: A likely story!

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