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When Ute suggested a round lap at Destedt to me I was skeptical at first. Destedt does not sound very tempting to me. She tells me that she came across the “Proto-Opti” trail on her DAV-App, a loop road at the Western border of the Elm. Right away the path’s name sound queer to me and I cannot tell what’s behind it. The hike itself comes as a positive surprise to me. The subsequent visit of Destedt’s castle park makes the outdoor adventure perfect.

“The trail lies 20 minutes behind you”
We start our loop on the parking site for hikers on Elmstraße above Destedt. There is an information board on all circular routes of the Elm, however the “Proto-Opti” version is not among them. But Ute is well prepared with her DAV-App. We make a right turn behind the parking lot. Just some minutes later we hear this voice coming from the App for the first time: “The trail is 20 metres behind you.” And one minute later: “You are on the right track again.” At first we are a little bit irritated, after alledgedly the 10th time we are only smiling. We learned that the lady needs some attention and found out that we only pay attention to her when she tells us that we are on the wrong track. I guess that is the proof that also computer voices need respect.

Cross-country on intertwined ways
The app now leads us on intertwined ways, which are right in the middle of the forest, at first to a very nice alley and than to a wonderful clearing. There is a break in the clouds above us which unblocks a beautiful farsightness. We can also see Braunschweig from here. The sunshine blazes the high-rise buildings in white colour. The view reminds me of Casablanca, the white city.

The sun slowly comes to our place and illuminates our hiking trail. We enjoy the surprisingly warm sun and immerge deeper into the forest. I did not know that paths like this exist in the Elm. A very special adventure.

On our way we cross two more circular trails, no. 27 and no. 26. The trail no. 26, the so called “Destedter Rundweg” is also our way back to the parking lot.

Castle and castle garden of Destedt
On our way back we stop at the castle of Destedt. We want to take a look onto the castle park which has been constructed in an english style. We are fully aware of the fact that nothing blooms in winter time, still it is a romantic place with the white bridge, the yellow castle and the palm house in the park.

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