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It used to be a must, nowadays I rarely turn them on: newscast on TV. Why? Tired of the media in general, a news overkill, an escape from reality? I might have doubts about what I can see on TV daily, the fact that a newscast that last for 15, 20 or 30 minutes does not reflect the objective truth if such a thing exists anyway? Somehow, I think, I have read anything about the latest news already during the day in newsletters or online news services. I am tired of hearing respectively consuming the same things every day, it is either which European border has been closed today or which politician has made use of the refugee crisis to position himself for the next election battle or where incendiary composition have been thrown.

Even though- stop. The advancing resentments towards refugees are bothering me. Not newswise but because of the question “Why”? Why are there people who dislike refugees in advance? People they have never meet or even seen? They can only have an idea about whom the might meet one day. Let us be honest: How many of us have had contact or spoken to a refugee by now? I wonder whether the agitation against refugees for economic and war reasons is rather an outward projection of one’s own fears and insufficiencies. It could be described as a typical defense mechanism: „The term projection encompasses the transfer and shift of an innerpsychic conflict by figuring own emotions, affections, wishes and impulses which might disagree with social standards. Such a projection is addressed towards another person, a group of persons, creatures or objects of the outside world.

From an absolute economical perspective it might even be amazing, that not more people are trying to reach the countries that are allegedly rich or Freedom House statistics. Here comes a simple proposal for solution: Maybe the 1 % of the entire population that owns as much as the rest world should establish a state of their own and accept all the refugees who are looking for a better life? And don’t you think that such a behaviour is comprehensible in such a way that everyone tries to make the best of his life? Even commercials tell us all the time that we should aim to shop as cheap as possible and try to become as rich as possible. Noticing alone how big the price range for consumer goods differ within Europe makes us wonder why. Whereas Germans spend about 15 % of their wages on groceries, Egyptians have to spend 40%. I.e. when Germans are full they still dispose of 85% of their income, whereas Egyptians have only 60% left. I have no idea how Germans would feel on suddenly spending at least twice as much on their food but I can imagine that not everybody would be happy about it.

Democracy. Let us take the aforesaid example. Let us assume that grocery prices rise about 50%. What do you thing might happen on the streets? And what do you think on how politicians would react to the people’s upset? The example of the financial crises in 2007/2008 (remember occupy Wall Street?) showed at least in the United States that the right to freedom of expression and on protest rallies has limits.

And also the protests in Frankfurt against bank power made clear that criticism on capitalism is not welcomed everywhere. At the latest at this point the honest and law-abinding citizens becomes furious when reading these figures: American banks received 175 billion dollar of government support in 2009 – at the same time incentives of 32,6 billion dollar have been paid. In Europe sums were not so dramatically high but still bank manger were paid millions in the middle of the crisis whereas taxpayers’ money was wasted and numerous jobs were canceled in order to support the banking sector.

That’s why I wonder who costs more: the stumbled manager with its suitcase full of terminal bonus or the broken refugee who might deposit into the pension fund one day? Speculations might have it that many a manger might have crushed out more jobs and dreams by now than any refugee might ever go for. But maybe banker, manger and the like seem to be more sympathetic by living in gated luxury homes and not in mass accommodation so that contact with Joe Sixpack is therefore limited.
Another point that also overlaps with the topic of refugees: The way the media covers the despots of this world. Sometimes it seems that Europe is tyrant-free whereas the rest of the world which is partly considered to be communist-coined drowns in despotism? Hoppla, looks like a case for the world police, the United States. Ah well, they call for elections next year offering such flawless democrats such as Donald Trump. Wonderful prospects – I guess. What is the proverb like: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Or does anyone really believe that migrants to the States are paid equal wages? Again another typical projection and this is not to protect Russian, Chinese or Saudi-Arabian statesmen. The blame is always on the others. At this point one should not neglect that not least Europe has made “advantageous” deals with some tyrants to send refugees to coventry.

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