Christina/ November 14, 2009/ Culture

Customer magazines are nothing new. As I already reported on “No dream out of 1001 night” copies of popular magazines are on the decline. Customer magazines, however, that intend to introduce third parties to the culture of one’s own or a foreign country are rather the exception. In case they provide additionally classroom material then they become really interesting.

Such a magazine is “Saudi Aramco World” published by the corresponding Saudi Arabian oil group. The magazine is available either online or can be subscribed to at not charge. The magazine is produced in the States, more precisely in Texas. The corresponding web site is quite elaborated and contains nice picture galleries and “Virtual Walking Tours” i.e. through the Alhambra in Spain.

Of course the company that has been rated the most valuable enterprise of the world in 2006 by the Manager magazine, is well off. And for this magazine, I think, it is well spent. A true Eldorado for those who are interested in culture.

“Travelling the Silk Road” is a special edition with an interactive map and elaborated texts which make it easy to explore the Silk Road from your armchair.

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