Christina/ November 14, 2009/ The daily grind

Looking into the press makes it obvious: There must be a chance of making money in this emirat. Whether it is “Dubai Magazin”, das “Dubai Business Magazine” or the classy “Concierge”, the emirate at the Gulf seems to be worth a magazine.

Whereas the press in Europe seems to be downsizing, the Gulf states are still publishing. The picture gallery at Google is impressive. It takes glossy paper and “High-Society”. And of course there is a facebook presence . Of course one does not drive the classic car of the same name from Wolfsburg but the luxury limousine. The “Phaeton Lounge” makes a man’s dream come true – no doubt about it.

But even that does not seem to be enough for the spoiled local customers if author Jan Richter is right: “Despite ready for production composition Phaeton lounge remains a showcar. Whether the solvent customer in Dubai is willing to accept this? We will see.” Nothing new? “I do not care about it” as Annette Humpe put it once in a song? Watch it! Because in this year’s spring a high-ranking person Magazine brought a car onto the market: The Indian Elephant. An as we know: The Indian Elephant is a little bit slow. But once it got running it can hardly be stopped.

True to the slogan: “There’s a Golf in the press meeting an Indian Elephant”.

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