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Die "blaue" Moschee Jordaniens

Concession or commerce? RTL of all private TV stations in Germany, a station that’s not really known for its intellectual TV programme adapted intercultural dialogue for itself? Or is it simply about decreasing ad spendings which suffer from online and mobile rivalry, looking for new target groups?

It is Ramadan. That month of fasting of the Islamic lunar calender known in the West primarily for – similar to the Christian fasting from Ash Wednesday to Easter – a time of austerity.

I confess that without eating nor drinking and outside temperature above 40 degrees it is not an easy task to survive the day. However, that is not our topic today, rather the fact that a german private TV station seems to embrace German muslims and will thus show from today on the beginning and end of fasting daily in its programme.

Ramadan ends with the Islamic feast “Id-ul Fitr“, often compared to the Christian Xmas. Ramadan is supposed to end on September 8th this year. After that the festivities can begin.

Ramadan kareem!

Ramadan kareem is a familiar quotation during Ramadan and indicates that faithful muslims should double their generosity during that time towards the pauper. In times of social media even a topic oriented blog has been created.

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