Christina/ October 9, 2009/ Culture

It is generally known that Swabians can do everthing but standard German. So why shouldn’t there be a solution for the Islamic ban on interest in the land of inventors where a national sanctuary, the “Holy iron sheet”, as Daimler is called in common parlance, is flaggering.

No sooner said than done. At the latest since october 7th we know that Daimler offers Islam commpliant car financing. That is so to speak the Swabian pocket as Trojan horse.

That is to say, that even locals with low-income can afford a Daimler now. A Swabian-Arabic financial Joint-Venture is due to do so. And in order not to snub the guardians of the Islamic ban on interest the Swabian recalled the good old tradition of the so called „Herrgottsbescheisserle“ also known as Swabian pocket which has proved its worth in the past!

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