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This story is pure Arabian Nights Entertainment. It seems to be endless and is always told from a different angle: The possible addition of Turkey into the EU (European Union). Also, the news report on 3Sat (a German TV station), “Between Orient and Euro-Cent” (Video, Länge 28 min.) acts on that “never-ending-story”.

It is again meant to portray how progressive the city of Istanbul is and that Istanbul matches up with metropolises of this world – Tokyo, Berlin and New York are given as comparisons -. Still, a stale aftertaste of justification remains. Although the matter should be closed with the achievement of a position with the world’s top 20 cities.

Is it because of the never ending headscarf debate? Is it due to the drift apart of different political perceptions regarding the “Kurds” or is it the fear of the “most exclusive club of the world” (Europe) to expand its frontiers to so called rogue nations like Iraq and Syria?

Possibly a too long indecision of the EU or a prolonged play along of Turkey could result in an unintentional backfire. Already these days the most educated Turks emigrate from Germany back to their parent’s home country or just stay in Turkey as demonstrated in the Turkish car industry (Tofas). That is why we should pose the question now and not only at the Cologne carnival: “Shall we let them in..?”

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