Christina/ August 1, 2021/ Culture

Art and history are on the programme this weekend. Since wednesday there is “Sommerkunstzeit” in Braunschweig. The art exhibition takes place at different locations and places. Also on this saturday the Arbeitskreis Andere Geschichte offers one of its city walks, this time around the “östliche Ringgebiet”. And last but not least the Schlossmuseum Braunschweig attracts with is special exhibition on the society of the friends of young art.

Braunschweig flashy
We start our tour at the Wiederaufbau-Atelier at the Kohlmarkt and get a general idea. Afterwards we walk to the Burgpassage. Inside shop-window art awaits us. The slogan is: “Nomen est omen”: Salami bread with cream from a siphon or cycle parking that is only open for nine days.

The man with the saw
We move on to the Ringerbrunnen. At this place we meet Sebastian Heiß, the man with the motor saw. I have to admit I am really impressed to see what kind of filigree wood sculptures you can create with the help of this heavy built saw.

Our next stop is the bookstore Graff. An installation by the artist Lars Eckert can be admired here. There is also live music in front of the store.

Braunschweiger history
Now it is time for a little intermezzo concerning the history of Braunschweig. The “Arbeitskreis Andere Geschichte” invits for a city walk. This time the “östliche Ringgebiet” is on focus. Meeting point is the colonial monument at the municipal park. I have to admit that I have not recognized this monument before.

Upon our arrival we realize how many people are already waiting. Well, that could be a little bit difficult though. It also makes clear how important it is for many people be entertained again. The round trip is dedicated to the building architecture between 1890 and 1945 and covers the streets of Jasperallee, Wilhelm-Bode-Straße and Malerviertel. We follow until Olfermannplatz, we then lose interest because of the high number of participants and the fact that the guide is hard to understand. We cycle back into the city centre.

We stop at the museum inside the castle. It is free entrance today. Unfortunately we are late and have only twenty minutes left to get a quick overview on the special exhibition “Gesellschaft der Freunde junger Kunst. Despite the tight schedule we can gain an exciting insight into the arts scene of Braunschweig from 1924 to 1933. The show is open until 5.9.2021 – maybe there is another change for a second visit.

Chilling in the pedestrian zone
We are looking for some coffee. But prior to that we take a look at the Schloss-Arkaden. As we do not find this part too interesting we move on quickly to the Neue Straße for some coffee and cake at the bakery Sander. We take a deep breathe before we start our final spurt at the Handelsweg. This place is really worth it in my mind.

The former “Riptide” has become an exhibition room. It is now called MALzeit at the RipArt. I Ithink they have the most interesting objects. At this place we come across the coming up exhibition “Stille Streifzüge” by Angelika Soluk taking place at the municipal library of Salzgitter-Lebenstedt. It’s good to know that there are more artistic highlights to come.