Christina/ July 31, 2011/ Culture

Motto der Veranstaltung

It took me a while, but now it is here: The second podcast from the headquarter! This time it is about a montage of various statements taken from the conference: “cultural conflicts-cultural encounters”, that took place in Berlin on May 20th and 21st, 2011.

Within those two days it become quite quickly obvious that the emotional status of the Germans – based on the correspondent book of Dr. Gisbert Gemein – is mostly influenced by migrants with a muslim background. Out of the lectures given on the first day interesting and controversal discussion arouse leading me to the finding that a lot has to be done – and not only in schools or education – to adapt the intercultural awareness and understanding of the Germans to a globalized reality.

I have transformed the live-recording of some concise statements into a podcast. You can listen to it here: Second podcast fromt the headquarter.

Enjoy listening to it. A discussion about the contents is highly appreciated!

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