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Shop til you drop auf der MaximilianstraßeKurze Shopping-Pause

Right in the middle of the German (!) midsummer, which might feel like winter for Dubai standards, the Bavarian capital experiences its Arabian Nights (alf laila wa laila): an enormous quantity of abayas intermixes with the usual touristic crowds on the most popular shopping miles of Munich. Namely we are talking about the well-known Maximilianstraße and the area around the Marienplatz. Just where the luxury boutiques of the luxury designers are located. During this time, the legendary “Oberpollinger” serves as a meeting point of the rich and the famous clientele from the Gulf. The store might remind the patronage of the huge malls in their home countries bristling with luxury stores of any brand you can image.

Now at the beginning of Ramadan the ladies from the oil-rich states might buy some new dresses and accessories for the aid-al-fitr Aid-al-Fitr at the end of the fasting month. I think it is an interesting and enriching experience for the Southern German cityscape. It is nice to enter a shop full of quackish, bubbling Arabs laughing with each other and are just having a good time. It feels a little bit like some of the “relaxed Gulf atmosphere” spilled over to the Isar. Ahlan wa sahlan fi Almanya, ya shabab!

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