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Andalusia or “Al Andalus” is a synonym for Spains moorish heritage. Especially the cities of Granada, Córdoba and Sevilla are material witness for this splendid times.

But what does moorish heritage stand for and who were those moors anyway? The natives (griechisch: „mauros“=dunkel) of occidental white africa were called moors. Nowadays this term describes the population of North Africa which basically composes Berber natives and arabic migrants.

If one travels through Andalusia like we did by car one thing becomes quickly obvious: The moors left clear and wonderful traces behind which leave people wondering behind still nowadays. One of the most impressive monuments of that time is truely the Alhambra of Granada. Without a doubt: This complex of palaces and gardens is not only for Granada but for the whole south of Spain THE attraction pole.

As always my pictures from the journey should argue for itself. However I am sure that everyone of you will be captured by the beauty of the complex as fast as I was! If you want to go more into details with the moorish heritage of Spain I have two recommendations as a further reading for you at the end of this article.

PS: The Alhambra and the Generalife belong to the UNESCO world heritage sites since 1984.

Further Readings (in German):

More pictures of my round trip through Andalusia can be found here.

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