Christina/ November 27, 2020/ Culture

Today I walk on a historical path and encounter the count of Braunschweig (CoB). It is about the battle of Jena-Auerstedt. In case you are in doubt whether this hike is worth a visit, let me tell you this much: if Goethe was here it must be interesting. And he was. The so called Goethe cycle path crosses the path of CoB. Goethe is something like a globetrotter of the eighteenth century for me. I „meet“ him almost everywhere I go: in Czechislovakia, in Italy, in the Harz mountains and today in Thuringia.

My „Braunschweig-heart“ beats faster
On our way to the Dornburg castles I noticed this signpost: memorial of the count of Braunschweig. Oh, what’s that I wonder. Sounds interesting to me, so I’d like to find out more about it. I start my trip at Bad Kösen. I choose the path via the Himmelreich and arrive at the B87. I reach Hassenhausen at first. I take a look at the historical site of the village and realize that they have a cooperation with one of Braunschweig’s museums. I get curious and like to learn more about it. Maybe it gives me some more information on the background.

The double-battle at Jena and Auerstedt
The memorial site is located half way between Hassenhausen and Taugwitz. From the information board I learn that in 1806 a battle between CoB and Napoleon took place here. In course of this battle CoB was badly wounded and died later on.

The most beautiful village of the world
After Taugwitz I make a left turn and arrive at the most beautiful village of the world at his own account. I am curious, what is that all about? Well, I look for something special in vain. There is a nice Christmas decoration but not outstanding in my view.

However I discover the signposting of the CoB-path. I leave Rehehausen towards Sonnendorf and make a detour to the Sonnenburg. However this castle is not build in its own sense but a restaurant. The place seems to be abondoned. I move on and take the descend to Bad Sulza. From there I take the Ilmtal-cycle-path towards Eckartsberga. I arrive at Auerstedt at first. But before that I meet Goethe again, I cross a cycle path with his name.

Historical sightseeing at Auerstedt
There are some historical sights at Auerstedt. The village is small though and the sights are close together. It is the castle, the fromer stage coach lodging „Zur Post“, the old post office and the former restaurant „Alten Deutschen“.

I move on towards Eckertsberga. It should not be more than six kilometres, however on the way it turns out to be another 10 kilometres. I therefor decide to go back. At Bad Sulza I take some pictures of brine concentrating house „Louise“, located at the road leading to the town.

Meeting the black swan
At the end of the day I encounter the so called „Black Swan“ for real! This time it is not the Corona-Virus itself but a real swan with black feathers. And it comes in a twin-pack. It is a peaceful variation of the scaring metaphor. A spark of hope?