Christina/ January 9, 2022/ The daily grind

The New Year’s hike becomes in its second year slowly but surely an inherent part of the last day of the years. Next to the Wilhlem Busch excursion in 2020 we hike in the Leinebergland this time, more precisely on the Duinger ridgeway. The hightlight on this 20 km-trip is the visit of the Leinebergland-balcony.

High above Marienhagen
Our tour starts at Marienhagen which belongs to the rural district of Hildesheim. From our parking lot we climb up to the Leinbergland-balcony. The ascent is quite steep. Slowly but steadily we leave the village behind and look back from time to time to enjoy the magnificent view over the Leinebergland which is nice even though the weather is quite murky today.

We are walking along the so called Pottlandweg no. one, a trail with panoramic views. The term Pottland stems from the former potteries which used to be here and marks the region between Alfeld and Springe am Deister. Close to the refuge hut Leineberglandbalkon is the Lübbrechtser quarry located. It is though prohibited to visit it.