Christina/ September 8, 2021/ The daily grind

Upon my forays around Braunschweig I time and again noticed the recultivation projects at the river Schunter. I often realized that when I am just drifting with my bike without having a plan or certain directions I find the most beautiful routes. I’d like to show you one of them today. The green cylce tour starts at the Ringgleis and passes by the Querumer Forst to Hondelage and back via Dibbesdorf and the Ölper See. The tour uses basically agricultural roads and shows the green side of the city. A highlight on this trail is the St. Johannes Kirche at Hondelage and the Schunter crossing at Dibbesdorf.

Recultivation of Hagenriede
My tour starts at the Ringgleis in the Western part of Braunschweig. I follow the signposted trail until TU Campus north. I quite the marked route there and cycle straight direction of Querum. At Querum I have to cross the rails once and reach the Querumer forest. I stay on this way until I reach the airport of Braunschweig. I make a right turn and go uphill to Hondelage. I follow the cycle path until I reach the State forest Braunschweig. I cross the forest which leads to a clearing, there I enjoy a short break and a wonderful onto Hondelage. On agricultural roads I come across the recultivation project of Hagenriede. Right here I pass by two Galloways. I love those cozy looking creatures with their long ponys that always look like they have to be shortened desperately.

Once again via an agricultural road I get to the centre of Hondelage. Down there I visit at first the St. Johannes Kirche with its nice pastor’s kitchen garden. A lot of butterflies are scrimmaging here. A beautiful and peaceful picture like almost from Bullerbü. I continue towards Dibbesdorf. But before that I allow myself for a detour to the Hans-Zimmermann-observatory. I always wanted to go there but did not have the time. Now I know where to find it even though they don’t have shows for the time being.

At the idyllic Schunter crossing
I leave Hondelage towards Dibbesdorf. At the Sowjethaus by Luc Degla I turn right into the grassland. On the right side I discover a wooden sign refering to a Schunter crossing. I am curious by now, my adventuresomeness awakens. That’s why I choose the right turn. At first I cylce on tarmac but after a while the trail becomes a path. I slog my way through the high nettle. But it’s worth it because what now disclosures in front of my eyes is simply magnificent. I have reached the Schunter crossing and I am instantly fascinated by this wonderful place. This is a perfect spot for a picnic!

I take some deep breathes and let both in, the beauty of nature and of the moment. A very special feeling of happiness is in my tummy. I think to myself that Braunschweig has so many beautiful places. I cross the Schunter with my mountainbike and continue on the other side of the river. I follow the agricultural road and then turn left and find myself in a park-like area, the Hondelager Weg. I follow the street to its end. I then turn right and drive until the airport and leave it direction of Bienrode. I pass by the former water mill and go back through the recultivated area close to the Schunter. Construction works put a spoke in my wheels. Therefore I have to cycle a lap of honour. I choose the path to the Dowesee and later to the Ölper See. From there I am back on the Ringgleis and thereby reach my starting point.