Christina/ April 4, 2021/ The daily grind, Culture

Where to go if it should not be either the Harz or the Braunschweiger Land? Lamspringe and its surroundings can be an alternative, because here you can combine art, culture and Wanderlust. On a loop that passes by both, the Königsweg and the Rennsteig, we do not only give in to our bubbly mood in Woltershausen but enjoy truffles on the Hopfenberg and discover a former destillery at Harbarnsen. Even though the day starts ill-fated: at first I almost missed my train and then we almost lose our hiking mate upon our drive to the starting point.

Meeting the gods of Irmenseul
Just a couple of metres away from the railway station my bicycle chain is coming off. Fortunately I am early. I push my bike forward, hook it up and decide to take care of the repair later.
I get my train on time. I am picked up at Seesen. From there we go to Lamspringe where me meet Susanne. We continue with two cars, of course, it’s Corona. Suddenly Christian take a look into the driving mirror and realises that Susanne’s car is gone. Opps, what happened? The mobile rings. Sure, Susanne is familiar with the place and took a shortcut. We turn around instantly and follow. One more time we need some help, at the next mobile ring we arrive at the sports field where our tour starts.
Right at the beginning we fly at a higher game and climb up to the Irminsul. We information on the corresponding information sign astonishes us at first and then makes us laugh. The Irmensul was known as world column. The heavy tree trunk was meant as a pillar for outer space. Well that sound at least a little bit akward according to today’s standards.

Tennis racket as signpost?
Up on the hill we try to find out how to reach Woltershausen. There are hardly any signs around us but one showing tree tennis rackets – at least it looks like it. It turns out that the pictures symbolize the Irmenseul in three different colours representing three different hiking trails. However, it does not say where this paths lead to. We descend and ask a Jogger for directions. He tells us to go into the village and then right to Woltershausen. Well, what we do not know is that he was talking about a tarmac road. We ask again for help back at Irmenseul and learn that we have to climb the hill for a second time to walk over to Woltershausen from there. The right path leads through the forest.

Bubbly mood at Woltershausen
After this unintended detour we make it however to Woltershausen. And, what can I say, the guys down there were kind of waiting for us. There is a brand new barn in the middle of the village with beer benches, paschally decorated. What a surprise! Suddenly Christian fetches a bottle of Champagne out of his rucksack. That’s what I call a nice touch. We pass over to our lunch break and enjoy some gulps of the bubbly liquid.

Elatedly we move on. We cross the village towards Graste. We pass by a beautiful estate with a nice garden and some sculptures as decoration. Oh, wait a minute, I’ve seen glyphs like this before. Where? Right, at the cloister Brunshausen on New Year’s Eve.

Kitty-corner we discover distinctly styled flower shop. Susanne cannot resist to buy some florets. The owner tells us that she has just opened up a month ago and that everything is working out fine so far. Well, looks like Corona a creative boost.

We walk over the lots to the next village: Graste. Over there we have a bizarre encounter. First of all the license tags bear the name of „Alf“. Secondly, we ask two natives for directions. The funny part is that the elderly gentlemen uses a trash can as rollator. Is that simply pragmatic?

Truffle on top of the Hopfenberg
We leave Graste and turn right into a country road leading us to the Hopfenberg. The panoramic view from the top is magnificent. Christian reaches for a second time into his rucksack and takes out some truffles made of chocolate for us! Wow! We enjoy the taste of the truffles melting in our mouthes and are enchanted by both, the moment and the wonderful sunny landscape.
After our break we continue at the edge of the forest towards Harbarnsen. We continue on the cycle path that used to be a railway embankment. In the distance I see a picture on a house wall and then a sign saying that this trail belongs to the „Radwege zur Kunst“ (cycle path of art). We reach another nice resting area and stretch our legs once more.

Lost Place destillery
We are on our way back. We arrive at Harbarnsen and pass by a former manor. An old factory building catches our eye. From a plate fixed on the front of the building we learn that this place used to be a destillery. The property feels some kind of mystic to us – a lost place.
We follow the road from Harbarnsen to Irmenseul and turn left to reach our starting point, the sports field.

Cloister Lamspringe
On our way back to Seesen we make a short stop at Lamspringe to take a look at the cloister. A church, a park and a former mill are part of the property. The setting sun makes the place idyllic and relaxing, the end of a day trip into the Leinebergland.
Oh well, concerning my broken bike. I was lucky upon my arrival. Some young guy helped me out. There is not better way!