Christina/ April 1, 2021/ The daily grind

Once again looking for new hiking and bicycle destinations I get aware of the Öselberg. So far I have not heard of that hill before. But this change today. As the weather is supposed to be worse on Easter I use the window of opportunity and start around noon. However I did not expect such a strong contrary wind on my way back.

First grey than blue
The morning is heavy clouded. I have to get used to it at first as the last days have been very nice. However, taking a look at my app tells me that is better weather to come. The sun makes its way through the clouds around 11 o’clock. I take my mountain bike and start towards Wolfenbüttel. Over there I follow the signs to Wolfenbüttel-Linden and than to Neindorf. It’s easy.

On rat runs to the top
I drive through the Ocker meadow – it is a very nice trail. I enjoy the panoramic view and the springlike temperatures. Just some minutes later I reach the federal highway, cross it and turn right to Neindorf. It take another left turn to reach the nature reserve Ösel. That’s it, the Öselberg (height: 156 metres). The is gravel trail laying in front of me. I pedal heavily, I downshift the hill is quite steep. The path gets worse and worse but I make it. On the steep-track to the hill I enjoy the ever more beautiful view – ignoring the heavy winds.

On the top I take a little rest but the winds are so strong that it does not last very long. I take a good look around though and enjoy the 360 degree view. The winds are so chilly I have to go back. I do not want to take the same road back so I am looking for an alternative. I am lucky as there is another trails going down to the other side of the hill. I ride down easily. Smoothly as silk.

Shy as a deer
I choose the way back via Sottmar. I quickly realize that there is something wrong: the wind direction. A heavy and strong airstream works against me. I pedal heavily but it feels like I am not moving at all. Shit. There are some route sections in front of me without protecting trees. I realize that my legs get tired. An hour later I reach Salzdahlum and turn left towards Sickte and turn right into a country road as a shortcut.

Suddenly I see some roebucks on the fields. The look at me anxiously. For a minute I am not quite sure whether they will be running at me. I stop. Then they start running and pass me by. The roebucks looks dazzled and shy – maybe there looking for a wife?

At the end of the way I “ferry” to the other side and cycle down a country road that takes me back to Braunschweig. I pass by Schloss Richmond, drive through the park and reach the Ringgleis again. Even though the ride has been nice I am happy to be home again due to the strong headwinds.