Hunde als Künstler = Hündstler in der Galerie einRaum5-7″

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“Is this art or can it go?“ Somehow everyone has heard this (joking) question before. How and when exactly this statement originated is not known. But most often the unintentional destruction of two artworks by the artist Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) is cited as its origin. However, it was news to me until last Saturday that this expression is also associated with “Hündstler”. The “Hundst” can still be visited until July 27, 2024, at the einRaum5-7 gallery here in Braunschweig.

From art comes Hundst
I see the question marks in your eyes. Are you thinking “What nonsense is this”? Here’s the solution to the riddle: It’s about a Husky exhibition. But no, it’s not the dogs that are the focus of the show, but rather their artworks. Exactly, the Hundst. I admit, even I wavered between scratching my head and raising my eyebrows when I was informed about the event via email. Truth be told, my motivation to come check it out was of course the cuddly creatures.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the vernissage on Friday. The Germany vs. Spain match was just too exciting. But the next day, I arrived just after 4 p.m. At the gallery, I already see four Huskies. Hmm, are they guiding through the exhibition? Inside, I am promptly greeted by the initiator, Susanne Vahrmeyer. Interested, I let her explain the background of the exhibition idea to me. Hundstworks from 42 participants across Europe were collected in scrapbooks and sent to Braunschweig within six months. Wow! That surprises me. Right at the entrance, my eyes immediately fall on a picture showing all the participating Hündstlers. Next to it, in a smaller version, are the names of the hairy artists.

What love for dogs can achieve
As a dedicated dog fan, I am particularly taken by the enthusiasm of the “owners” present this afternoon. Vahrmeyer explains to me that her husband, a designer, not only lovingly framed and arranged the submitted works but also developed a kind of “catalog” with texts describing the artworks. Impressive! There’s really a lot of commitment and love in this.

With a cool water in hand, I start the tour. Perhaps I don’t immediately grasp the “hündstler” thought behind every exhibit. But I find the idea truly innovative and successful. After all, the aim here is to draw attention to the “Husky Darkside Community” to support this community initiative. Here, I can only say: Two thumbs up for this project.

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