Christina/ February 22, 2020/ Culture

El-Kurdi, a German with Arabic roots from his fathers side, tells us the story of his family and himself. A story, which is quite interesting and impressive. El-Kurdis mother moved after World War II in search of a job from Germany to England. There she met her later husband, a Jordanian guy from the Arab Legion. After one year of consideration she decides to move to Jordan and get married to Mahmoud.

For more than ten years the family stays in Jordan. They have three children, one of them is Samir Hartmut El-Kurdi. The also live as a diplomatic family for four years in London. After that Samir’s mother get divorced from Mahmoud and takes Samir to Germany.

Back in Germany they both have to apply for Citizenship, even though his mother was born in Germany. They finally get it. El-Kurdi has a widespread familiy with members in Jordan, in the States, in Great Britain.

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