Christina/ December 2, 2019/ Culture

It is sunday morning once again. 7 o’clock and I have to get up. Another chase for stamps is on the programme. I still need five stamps to reach my final goal. We walk through “hollow oaks”, idyllic winter landscape towards the deserted village Selkenfelde and stroll on grounds rich in history. It is a hiking adventure that rewards us with three new stamps. Still two to go.

Deep-frozen ground
It is the coldest day of this year so far. It is good so otherwise the path would be very muddy. We reach our first stamp coming from the parking lot located between the villages of Allrode and Treseburg. It is the Echowiese Allrode (echo grassland Allrode). The place is pretty though because of the white frost covering the trees around us and is slowly dropping down on us as the sun starts to warm up the air. We move on to the centre of Allrode. From there we start our hiking tour to Albrechtshaus and from there to the deserted village of Selkefelde. Selkefelde is close to a place which has been a scene of competition during the Thirty Years’s War. We are suprised as we did not know that – we are walking on historic ground though!

The walk back from stamp no. 55 takes us about 1,5 hours. We reach Allrode at sunset and enjoy the lovely scenery – calm, cold and beautiful.

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