Christina/ November 29, 2014/ Culture

That’s torn it: for years the European and American media has been lying to us and wilfully duped us. Pakistan and Iran countries of men wearing long beards, who are reluctant to all sexual appetite and virtuous behaviour is predominant everywhere? As if! In its pre-prime-time serial “Summits of Iran” produced evidence to the contrary yesterday and showed as one of the first western TV stations the truth. What am I talking about? Im talking about the “penis-cemetery”! Exactly, you read me right, I am talking about a penis-cemetery belowground! You do not believe me? Look and see! Simply fast-forward to 29:38 and then, it’s just there!

So you say, that does not mean a thing? A blooper, a mistake you say? Well, than I’ll do it better with the next story. In Pakistan to become a eunuch is a job that requires vocational training. A canard, simply fake? No, it is the truth, as this article “First-ever vocational training centre for eunuchs opened” proves. Eunuchs learn tailoring, fashion design and how to become a professional beautician. Wait, it gets much better: The pakistanian government would also provide transport facility to the eunuchs. On the completion of course, the government would also provide a loan worth Rs50,000 to each eunuch through Punjab Small Industries Corporation loan on interest free basis. I call that progressive and forward-looking. I cannot recall any similar initiative with Europe or America so far. Can you?

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