Christina/ June 13, 2021/ The daily grind

I am always surprised what kind of beautiful ways and sights I discover around Braunschweig when riding my bike. Today I just intended to ride through the Querumer Forst but on my way back I am in for a surprise. It is worth taking some courage and ride cross-country, just to see what is going to happen. Next to the magnificence of some flourishing roses at Essenrode a small path through the forest and a bridge over the Schunter are gently to my Herzchakra. Whereas the flowing water of the Schunter is good for my Sakralchakra, the red poppies and roses have a positive influence on my Wurzelchakra.

Flourishing roses at Essenrode
Just behind the airport of Braunschweig I turn into the country road no. L635, which has a cycle path on the left. After a while I turn left into the forest. I ride cross-country through a large woodland until I reach Essenrode. On the main road I discover a farm with a wonderful rambler rose at the wall. I get off my bike, pull out my mobile and take some pictures. When I look around I realize that this place is packed with different colours of roses: yellow, orange, pink and white. I am enlighted by the unexpected luck and collect pictures of roses such as talisman.

From Esserode I start my return way. Because today they show the finals at Roland Garros on TV. It is because Stefanos Tsitsipas made it to the finals and I love to watch him. I discovered him on TV on a rainy sunday afternoon, I guess it was at the Rothenbaum tournament in Hamburg.

The bridge of the Schunter
I take the cylce path to Grassel. From there I follow the signs to Bevenrode. I arrive at Braunschweig’s airport again and plunge once more into the Querumer Forst. I leave it via the Bussardweg and ride straight on over the rails. I reach a forest path and pass by a dormitory. I reach the Wichernstraße and ride once again straight on. This turns out to be a very good idea because by that I discover a very nice forest path which I did not know before. And this path ends at the nice bridge over the Schunter. I take a break and let the landscape and the river sink into me. It is a great ambience and a really idyllic place. I listen to the quacking frogs and observe the flow velocity of the Schunter. Moreover I discover some water lilies.

I go on towards Rühme first than towards the city centre. I arrive at the Hamburger Straße and cross it, to reach the Ölpersee. Carrying very nice memories with me on my mobile I close this little adventure tour. Too bad that my protégé looses his match on this sunday against Djokovic. Well, you can’t have it all.