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The new and to date unsual regulations of distance between persons in public brought up a new phenomena: it is getting crowded on walking trails and parks around Brunswiek. In the absence of alternatives such as cinemas, exhibitions, shopping centres or sport events more and more people start going for a blow. I cannot remember that I have witnessed such an amount of “new faces” around me in the past years upon my jogging routine. So, where can I find rat runs these days? There are the woodlnds of Elm and Lappwald nearby the city, well-known to me from my salad days. Well, it is not really a hiking area in my mind, such as the Harz Mountains. However, you can still find beautiful things and keepsakes from the past. Therefore I set off to Bad Helmstedt a kind of health resort close to Helmstedt, the former border town, to start my Lappwald-tour from there. I’d like to tell you about this adventure today, about my insights and lookouts. We solve quizzes, have a Déjà-Vu with the old convoy road and discover a white mountain which I did not know of before. And what is a dispute forest?

You have to pass seven quiz-stations
We start our tour at the Brunnentheater at Bad Helmstedt. The first quiz station is right there and it goes: “What’s the name of the first play showed at the Brunnentheater written by Kotzbue. Well? Honestly, I have no clue and I might not be the only one. However, we do not care and thus enjoy the blooming nature and the wonderful weather that day. Plus I instantly realize that my bill went open: there is litlle traffic on the trails by strolers and bikers.

Discover the undisovered!
On our way, about 13 km altogether, we pass by the villages of Schwanefeld and Beendorf. However, we cross Beendorf and discover an ancient medieval-aged church and a well there. Later on, right at the village limit, we come across something unsual. It looks like a part of the alps, however it is just a mining dump from a salt pit. But it shines bright in front of a deep-blue sky. We move on a reach the former border trail with information boards on what has happened there during the division of Germany and shortly after it. Very touching stories.

Back in the Brunnen valley
We reach the Clarabadteich at the Brunnen valley. We have almost reached our starting point. We enjoy again the idyll and the silence around the lake. I remember my days of childhood when we used to make our weekend-trips here, enjoying a cup of coffee after a walk in one of the cafés which do not exist anymore. That is the change (run) of the time, I guess. However the Brunnentheater is still shining brigth in the beginning sunset.

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