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In the Oderwald they say: “Do not turn around, the wolf walks abroad!” Otherwise, the joint community is peaceful, however within the forest you have to be beware of the Lupus upon hiking or jogging according to warning signs attached to some trees. In case you are faced with on of those fierce animals you should not run away but clap your hands instead. That, however, surprised me as the gesture of clapping hands is only known to me from chasing off goose or ducks upon crossing the park with their youngsters and try to protect them by snapping at you. Well, as we did not collide with a wolf that day I cannot say whether clapping in your hands will protect you. However what I can say is that hiking in the Oderwald is worth it.

Where is the Oderwald?
The Oderwald is part of Wolfenbüttel and thus close to Brunswick. It is only a 20 minutes ride to get there. Nonetheless, I have to admit that I did not know that area before. It is my first time. My friend knows the path very well and guides us through the forest that does not have any signposting inside. We start our tour at a parking lot above the village of Heiningen. Right at the car park there is a memorial plaque reminding of the madness WW II. It shows us once more how useless wars are.

Idiots on duty
Starting at the parking area we cross the street (L512) and walk towards a woodland burial park. Just a couple of steps later I spot the stamp box no. 15. I am almost about to pull out my stamp booklet when I realize that some idiot has stolen the stamp inside the box. What the f…? I hate this vandalism. What it is good for anyway? I have to think of Anton Chigurh and his pneumatic nail gun, the psychopathic murderer from the movie “No Country for Old Men” by the congenial Coen brothers.

Do not turn around, the wolf walks abroad!
We continue to range the woods. Suddenly I see a warning sign attached to a tree claiming: “Beware of wolves!” Oh, my goodness. I think to myself. Fortunately, I am not the Little Red Riding Hood! Fare and wide there is no danger to see. We continue our walk on a so called geological path and reach the natural monument, a former lake of brick manufacture.

Trail with a view
Later on it suddenly smells good. Besides the odour of wood garlic there is another, somehow more sweet smell. Unfortunately, we cannot find out where is stems from. Shortly thereafter we leave the Oderwald and cross a field path towards a village called Werlaburgdorf. Located on a little hill there is a memorial stone of the German reunification. It is a very nice place with a wonderful view to the “Brocken” and other mountain ranges.

After this little rest we immerge once more again onto the Oderwald. We walk on a small path with a view onto Werlaburgdorf. Half an hour later we reach our starting point. I enjoyed walking in the Oderwald and I am sure that I will return some day.

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