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Whoever has been to Beirut knows that this city has real flair. Beirut also know a Swiss of the Middle East is the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. Not only that the city is especially popular with Arabs from the Gulf because women are particularly beautiful and movies are unreserved (kiss and sex scenes are not cut out from the film as in other Arabic countries). Party nights in Beirut are long and are celebrated like there is no tomorrow.

The small Arabic country (only about 4 mio inhabitants) with the cedar tree as national symbol is tough. The lebanese are know as particular business-minded and crisis-ridden. Despite the civil war in the middle of the seventies which lasted until 1990, the drawback of the Syrian troops, the killing of Hariri in 2005 and the second Lebanon War in 2006 the Lebanese have not lost its love for life and their country.

The New York Times rewarded Beirut lately and appointed it to the best party city of the world. It also recommends the city as top holiday destination in 2009 New York Times. the United Nations elected Beirut as “world book capital of 2009”.

There is no doubt about it, Beirut’s population knows how to live in the here and now. Because who knows when the next missle will hit the city, the Syrians will rediscover its appetite for the city or religious quarrels will provoke the next catastrophe.

See it now before it’s too late!!

Das CNN-Video zu Beirut: Party-Stadt 2009

[youtube phjqVkmJx7Y]

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