Vernissage at bskunst: Newcomer in focus

Christina/ September 9, 2023/ Culture

The world of art is constantly in motion. In this exciting environment, there are always emerging talents who stand out with fresh ideas and unique perspectives. The association “bskunst” has made it its mission to give these creatives a stage. Currently, an exhibition titled “Newcomer 2” is running in the foyer of the Centro Hotel. I had the opportunity to attend the vernissage on September 3rd.

A platform for emerging artists
Despite the beautiful late summer weather, several art enthusiasts gathered in the Centro Hotel’s foyer on this Sunday. Accompanied by evergreen tunes performed by Viktor Visotzky from Hannover, the works of the new association members are being examined. The musical accompaniment creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a dance tea event. For me, it doesn’t quite seem to match the sometimes abstract works – but perhaps that’s precisely an artistic twist intended to contrast with the exhibition?

The first piece that catches my eye is by the artist Katrin Schmidt. It’s titled “Call me.” The painting, which I wasn’t the only one to mistake for a self-portrait of the artist, captivates the viewer’s attention. The attractive woman, who appears both challenging and mysterious, holds the spectator’s gaze. Escaping that penetrating gaze and the even features seems almost impossible. The painting fascinates me, and as I look around, I get the impression that I’m not the only one experiencing this.

I engage in a brief conversation with the artist about the subject, technique, colors, and the time it takes to create a painting. As I’ve learned from conversations with other artists, this isn’t easily quantifiable. “If I don’t like a painting,” Schmidt reveals, “I’ll paint it completely anew.” Acrylic colors, I learn, can be painted over or even wiped away. We talk for a while about how (in)sensible interpretations of art can be. Not every painter wants to convey a message. I also notice the vibrant shades of purple, green, and blue in Schmidt’s paintings. It’s a color combination, I think to myself, that I might consider trying in my own fashion style.

Diversity in the art world
In addition to painting, there are also photographs and linocuts on display. A total of seven artists present a selection of their work. They are Elena Kronhardt, Rafael Alejandro Marin-Guzman, Felicitas Nicolai-Kujawa, Katrin Schmidt, Melanie Schöckel, Tatjana Steiner, and Sylvia Wassmann. The works are as diverse as the artists behind them. The exhibition not only reflects the range of creative expression but also the uniqueness of each individual artist.

Another artwork from the exhibition has stayed in my memory. The painting depicts a fantasy figure in pink hues. The artist is Tatjana Steiner. Steiner describes herself as a performance artist who aims to convey humor through her art. Her artworks are meant to challenge the viewer emotionally and intellectually. So, I stand in front of the pink fantasy creature titled “normal.” This is interesting or initially perplexing because the motif doesn’t necessarily conform to societal notions of normal, which often merely describe “being adapted” and “meeting expectations in behavior and appearance.” In that sense, Steiner opposes this expectation for me. A painting that hopefully prompts reflection and contemplation about who actually decides what is normal and what is not. I like the idea.

The exhibition is open from September 3, 2023, to October 28, 2023, in the foyer of the Centro Hotel Celler Tor. Opening hours are daily from 9 AM to 7 PM.

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