The Art Of: Exhibiton of artists from Braunschweig

Christina/ May 1, 2024/ Culture

Created in times of Corona, “The Art Of” is entering its fourth round. The format was initiated by the Braunschweig Public Insurance to support regional art and cultural workers in 2021. This Sunday, the fourth season can be admired in the Event Space on Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße. A great project that unfortunately has a drawback. I only found out about the exhibition by chance. My tip: An entry in the city of Braunschweig’s events calendar could ensure more reach.

There are two surprises for me today. In addition to discovering new artists, it is the event space. I didn’t know the location until now. The bright room with restaurants is very appealing and also deserves to be better known. But now to the actors. The motto of this year’s competition is: Dreams. These longings are presented in different facets: as pictures, as wood and pottery works. This year’s chosen ones are: Katrin Schmidt, Anouschka Fabre, Franziskus Steinmetz and Fabien Diffé. There are also two dancers and two musicians. Unfortunately, the former could only be seen via video. Unfortunately, the musical part had to be canceled due to an artist’s illness. Anouschka Fabre’s and Katrin Schmidt’s two works immediately reminded me of Coldplay’s album “A Head full of Dreams”.

“Dream on” is written on Katrin Schmidt’s work. An encourager? Aren’t dreams and the hope of realizing them the stuff that keeps us alive in uncertain times? As always, thoughts are free. A dream of mine has definitely come true with the album “Everyday Life”, which was released in Amman, Jordan. Let’s keep dreaming.

“The Art Of” seems to me to be a good incubator for making artistic dreams come true.

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