Jödebrunnen Crime Scene

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It’s crime time in Braunschweig. For the eleventh time, crime veteran Hardy Crüger and his eleven disciples are presenting a collaborative work. This year it is the “Tatort Jödebrunnen” crime thriller. According to the motto, logical, all stories take place around the historic Jödebrunnen and the no less important Kontorhaus. Okay, there aren’t even eleven followers this afternoon. On the stage of the KufA House we see five protagonists who present their crimes today. In every story the point is: there is murder and death. Whatever else, it’s crime season.

Inspired by facts
The first two crime stories “Test of Courage” and “Ten Against One” are inspired by a true story. This happened in 1999 after a visit to a disco, for which a 17-year-old paid with his life. The young man had approached a girl while dancing and was then beaten up by his alleged boyfriend and nine other people and thrown unconscious into the Jödebrunnen, where he ultimately drowned. Basically, this story is already the real goosebumps moment of the afternoon. Reality surpasses fantasy. Nevertheless: if Rainer Fricke’s first story is still quite pale, Andrea Lammert is already increasing the tension level. It tells a revenge story that makes the events of that time tangible and tangible in their impact on the victim’s family. In the end everyone loses.

The end of a chance community
At the latest, the third story, presented by Angelika Jederlina, leaves the listener with a smile. The fable is presented of a classic failed marriage, which is only held together by the common crime. When the supposed glue that had held the community together until then turns out to be a fake, people protest. A happy divorce should also be celebrated. After the break, it’s back to the nitty-gritty. Now, in my opinion, come the best horror stories.

Unexpected things often happen
Maren Voss starts with her story “Unexpectedly comes often”. Although I don’t think the title for the story is particularly appropriate, the content is convincing. The short story maintains its suspense through an unexpected twist at the end of the plot. We learn: sometimes chance turns even peaceful people into opportunist murderers. Finally, Jörg entertains the audience with two crime stories that were not written by him. One of the authors, Meike, is unfortunately ill. There is a lot of dark humor shimmering between the lines in the plot. As is well known, it not only causes skin reflexes, but also awakens the desire for the macabre.

On the first floor of the KufA Haus you can still see works from the arts and crafts and photography working groups as well as acrylic paintings by Felicitas Nicolai-Kujawa as part of the #kunsttour24. I was amazed by Elke Wagner’s wallpapers. For me, wall decor is actually a relic from the 80s. This wall covering has probably celebrated its revival in the meantime, unnoticed by me. But the wallpapers from crossoverdesign have opened up a new perspective for me. Wall coverings no longer have to be stuffy.

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