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15 participants from 10 european countries are putting the rule to the test: playing the role of a turkish migrant on trial for six days! What happened? The integration experiment “the other side of the coin” is the answer.

All participants realize almost instantly that they are pretty fast at their wit’s end when being faced with exactly the same recquirements as their clients – all particiapants work in respective fields being responsible for the migrants’ fate – have to fulfill them every day. They learn what it feels like to be different, not able to communicate properly and just feel helpless. However, all participants should feel comparatively comfortably, eventually they live with nice families during the experiment, they have enough money and they do not have to worry about a threatening deportation.

After closing the experiment none of the participants seems to be the same person as before. One question still remains unanswered: How much did everybody really learn from the experiment and how much will be finally implemented in workaday life? According to the project description this workshop has been offered in 2010 by seven european countries and the collected experience has been presented to the European Commission. Was it really a coincidence that this documentation was shown on TV for the second time at a time when the debate on migration boils up again?

[youtube AnB4lzX2Trw]

Project description (German language)

The documentation on TV

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