Christina/ October 20, 2009/ Culture

Anyone who paid a visit to some Arabic country might have realized it: Arabic women really do attach importance on their looks. Apart from the fact that the local beauty parlour is a great spot to slag the careless husband it also makes money.

A well-known cosmetic producer from Hamburg realized that. According to a report of the economic platform Iraq which is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Baiersdorf aims to conquer next to Dubai another 16 countries of the MENA-region with cosmetics from Germany. Even in states like Iraq and Afghanistan, states that are not basically known for its glamour and lipstick, the tills should be ringing. And the revenue that cosmetics and care products yielded in 2008 in the UAE only is nothing to sneeze at: More than 280 million Euros!

The Arabic market is said to be a panic-proof growth market with a yearly rate of 12 %. Market volume for care products within the MENA region is numbered to 1.4 billion Euro. You should not miss out on that!

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